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Marjorie has recently introduced to her gallery a collection of high quality signed and numbered, limited edition prints taken from her original watercolour paintings.

Scenic Prints

Sepia Spires, Enniskillen

A view of Enniskillen church spires taken from mill/racecourse Lough, Enniskillen.
33cm by 13cm
Series of 150

November Grey, Coles Monument

Eniskillen monument to Sir Galbraith Cole (1772-1842), situated in forthill park.
Painted from Mill Lough, Enniskillen
31cm by 11cm
Series of 150

The Mooring, Lough Erne

A sunset on Lower Lough Erne at Killadeas, Co. Fermanagh
34cm by 11 cm
Series of 150

Evening Still, Lough Coole
Series of 75

Lakeside Solitude
Series of 75

A Winter Sun, Devenish
A series of 75

Series of 10

Fairy Torso
Series of 8

Map Prints

Marjorie has produced two beautifully illustrated maps of Enniskillen town and Fermanagh. The Enniskillen town map is available in a signed and numbered limited edition. The Fermanagh map is available in a signed print.

Using a technique to create a parchment effect background and highlighting historic landmarks and places of interest with painted watercolour images,the maps are complemented by poetic calligraphy of sensitively chosen quotations; encapsulating the essence of both island town and county.

Fermanagh Map
52cm by 68cm

Enniskillen Map
52cm by 68cm

Click on one of the watercolour prints from the gallery above to view in greater detail. Just click on the Contact Me tab to enquire about pricing.

Buy Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for any lover of watercolour art. Available in any amount, they allow the recipient to choose their gift to suit their taste. Please Contact Me for more information and to buy Gift Vouchers.

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